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Shunned changes everything we hoped to be true
and makes us question our own family history in a way we never imagined ... 

Every family has their secrets but does every family know them?
Does what one generation said and did a century ago affect our family story still today?
Are our family history and our family heritage one in the same?
Do we really know where we came from and where we are going based on that truth or was it all lies?
Compound all those questions with the social upheaval of leaving your history behind and coming to a new country with no language, no money, no family and nothing but half truths and broken promises while you struggle to start a new life. Then add into that unfortunate mix the clinging to faith and a much closed community of the Holdeman Mennonite life, throw in the unbroken prairie, turn of the century homestead hardships, a sin beyond that which the Mennonite faith could explain and a shunning that changed everything.
Shunned is a story of all that and more. It challenges our Canadian prairie heritage, our strength of the family unit, our devotion to faith, with a simplistic honesty and a longing to believe in that which moves one forward. It follows generations of a family with a faith unable to carry the lies, to the defeat of the history and the detachment from all which should matter. This story is very unique and yet very common all in the same plot, a tale so interchangeable and threaded through many families with a history routed in old-country denials, new-world half truths and modern day dysfunction.
Follow old world newcomers to the unbroken prairie at the turn of the century, and on to generations of the struggles in the dirty thirties country wide, the war years, mid century modern changes challenging old world faith and onto a century ending with a family torn into pieces by the past.

NOW ... you can read the serialized story as it unfolds chapter by chapter on Wattpad  

Michelle Greysen is developing two literary fiction short story novels:

Come From, stories of getting where we are


Mother Nature is a two faced dame ... historical weather tales.


Recently published a second story, Pretending The Poor Away, in the current FALL 2014 Iss 62 of The Prairie Journal / A Magazine of Canadian Literature

Michelle Greysen, short fiction, Pretending The Poor Away, was NOMINATED by The Prairie Journal for the 2015 Writers Trust Journey Prize 


Greysen's short story, Her Mother's Daughter, is currently published in The Prairie Journal / A Magazine of Canadian Literature, Iss 60 Fall 2013

Michelle Greysen, short fiction, Her Mother's Daughter, was NOMINATED for
 Alberta Magazine Publishers Association (AMPA) Showcase Award for Fiction, 2014

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  1. I'm blown away by this - right down to the detail of the train station in Didsbury. I will be interested to read more. So well done.