Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Mercy and Grace ...

By Michelle Greysen

As a writer my truth comes in words. Whenever I am faced with a struggle I find my meaning, my solace in the words. In the narrative guiding my daily path.

I am not a religious person in any traditional sense. I honestly do not know what it is I believe in or if I even believe in anything greater than the moment I am in. I see that perfect moment every time I look into the eyes of my children and even more so into the eyes of their children. That light that beams out of them with unexplainable love carrying a universe of meaning beyond. Life, my life, theirs, assures me that we did not get here to this place in time together by accident. Love tells us in our hearts there is more. Life often tries to prove to us that there is not.

There has been way too many blessings to show me there is something greater but in that same truth there is equally so much wrong to test me that there is nothing more. I question how can there be. How could something, someone, some greater good equally deliver such pain.

I count my blessings on one hand, but in the same breath I count my losses on the other.

If there is something then today is the day I ask, not for myself, but for my sister that she be given Mercy. No more godly punishing. That she be given Grace. Extended godly kindness.

Today I ask for Mercy and Grace.

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  1. Sadly my sister Kathleen lost her battle to cancer on October 9, 2018. She was given mercy and grace and released from her suffering. She will be dearly missed.