Thursday, 30 May 2013

A place to write ...

    “A women must have money and
        a room of her own if she is to write”

Virginia Woolf, from A Room of One’s Own

A writer is always writing even when there is no pen or paper in sight. In the grocery, driving, sitting at a movie, an evening out with friends, lying awake in the wee hours, walking the dog, cooking a great meal and just about everywhere else. The creative mind is always churning and processing some thought that would make a great story.
The discipline comes into play when one can take those constant inspirations onto a piece of paper. For me that does not mean simply scribbling them somewhere, jotting an idea or a character sketch into a notebook when the idea hits, or making mental notes to someday use an enlightening scenario in a future story, but rather it means truly writing the words. Not the kind of writing on the fly onto loose pages, but the process of sitting down to gather the scribbles and notes and begin creating the whole from the parts.
The place from which a writer writes is as important as what they write. The private personal space where the surroundings are inspirational, where the surface feels right, where thoughts can flow unedited and safely to the page without judgement or a second eye constantly peering into the process is key. It is the place from which you create and you need it to be as right as any other profession needs a workplace, an artist and a studio, a mechanic and a garage, a doctor and a clinic, a writer and a desk.
It does not have to be an elaborate antique desk oozing in history, or a sanitized industrial-like clean surface from which to create, but it does have to be private, your own, and tucked away from the distractions of the world. Perhaps you don’t even have a desk and instead an old leather valise full of your rambling pages which you cart to your favourite spot in the world to sit and write. Maybe for you your desk is under a tree somewhere in a quiet park. What will work is that you create your place where you go to write every chance you get.
In this place, at your ‘desk’, you must respect and honour your platform, your easel, your palate from where your work flows. If you are inspired by personal items in your life surround yourself with them, your family pictures, your good-luck charms, your totems and mementos, your collections which bring you passion. Do not clutter the surface with distractions or negatives, leave your household bills and to do lists in another room away from the creative process and positive space of your writing. No emailing friends in between writing paragraphs and turn off your phone. Don’t play music if it distracts you, but blast it if it inspires you.
Create your ‘room of one’s own’ and an inspirational space for the words to flow.
Give yourself the gift of a place to write.

Write always,