Monday, 15 April 2013

Just write ... and write and write and write and write and ...

When one writes for a living, and one writes for love, and one writes like others breathe, there comes a time when you must shut out all that is not writing and take stock. I truly can say then when I am not able to write, or at least be in a mental state of writing, that I feel as if I am suffocating as I gulp, gasp, and choke my very soul to steal away some writing time in my day. There is never enough of both time and words.  I have thought a lot lately of all that gets in the way of my now too many writing projects piling up around me, a distraction all in themselves from the actually writing.  I see where the time has now come to hone it all into one focus, one goal, one single task. I simply need to write. I want to write it all, poetry, fiction, script, novel, short story, non-fiction, magazine freelance, book projects, corporate content development writing and oh so much more. The reality is I simply am a word junkie with obsessive compulsive a-holic-like tendencies and a desire to play with words on all levels. Not unlike a math scholar driven by formulas, or a musician that can’t leave the notes, or an archaeologist on an endless dig. The quest for words and the drive for the right words is a passion and a life’s’ work that now, for me, must be addressed.
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Time has become my guide and is constantly butting in to remind my muse to hurry it along. I have to remind time that we are in a dance or sorts and that I am in the lead. But I also have to constantly remind myself of that and not get swept away on other tasks that interrupt my words. I know for me in order to write well I must write often, every day and sometimes all day and night. I must constantly move the words along, zero in on my many word projects and bring them to completion and beyond. Words can bury a writer but good words can free a writer. I deeply desire lately to write freely.
I will check back here often, daily perhaps, weekly other times, but enough to report back that my words are on task and to share the journey of writing. I welcome hearing from others who, like me, struggle with life getting in the way of the words.
Writing always,

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